The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra playing Cage's 4'33 very slowly.

43'33 is a reconsideration of John Cage's 4'33. In that piece, Cage encouraged us to listen to the materiality of and ambient sounds that fill a concert hall, and which are, in the context of music, understood typically as silence. By taking a video of a performance of that piece, by the BBC Philharmonic, and slowing it down to 43 minutes and 33 seconds, I reveal, in a different way, the immanent sounds and tones packed in a video recording of a moment, elements (like the ambient silence of a concert hall) that are typically understood as "not there." 
For Cage, the phenomenon of sound was a matter, it seems, of human attention to materialities usually ignored. 43'33 shows a materiality of sound recorded, stored, transmitted, and temporalized outside the normal scale of human attention. 43'33 is concert music for robots.